Why academic education is not enough?

In our academic education we are taught that if we study hard and get good grades, then we will get a good job after school. That is no longer a reality. The job computation is so harsh that students are finding it to be more competitive in the job market, they require much more than a diploma. The majority of students are not ready for the life after college. Planning for a career while in college is “extremely important.”  Higher education institutes should graduate the students with more and more developed skills, work experience and professional network necessary to succeed in the today’s competitive job market.

The students spend their entire time on studying and completing the higher education only. But when they go for the job after the education, what comes being the barrier? “Job experience”. Yes! company demands job experience before hiring any candidate. How can a student get job with out any job experience? he/she was busy on completing the education. This is a big problem.

Talking about the education system in Nepal, we are not informed about the real world struggle and skill sets required to get a job. In the other hand, Students only focus on getting the certificate that indicates PASSED. The bitter truth is that, we are not going to get any job with that certificate only. They (company) are going to ask for job experience and skills.

So, what is the solution?

The students must not only focus on completing their academic education. They must think about the career after college, during their college life. They must choose a field and start gaining experience and develop skills in that particular field. This increases the chance of getting the job by almost 50%. Because now, you have skill! 

The education institutes in the other hand, must provide the students with the knowledge and idea of working after the college life and help them increasing the skills that are required in the real world.

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